Saturday, August 1, 2015

N.E.mation! is 10 years old, Celebrate By Joining This Contest!

N.E.mation! is 10 years old!!!
Happy 10th Birthday in advance, wohooo!

Having been following this contest since it's 5th season, I'm certainly anticipating the entries of this year!

The theme for this year is "Together We Keep Singapore Strong. 

Singapore is celebrating her golden jubilee this year - SG50. 
Reminiscing the kampong days to the advanced urban development of today, we certainly came a long way together. 

What are the strengths that kept us moving forward?
How have we progressed?
What values and beliefs did we hold on to such that our forefathers and us could work together to bring ourselves this far? 

Let us take time to reflect and reaffirm the little contributions and love that have brought Singapore this far and, more importantly, the values that reside within each and every Singaporean to take Singapore forward. Together, let us continue to play our part to keep Singapore strong.

If you have a story to share, submit your entry now! 

Make your way to Top 10 and you might just win a coveted trip to visit renowned animation studios in the USA, just like the winning team last year - watch HERE for more. 

Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Form a team of 3 to 4 students from your school.
2. Register online at N.E.mation! 10.
3. Submit your story ideas on the theme “Together We Keep Singapore Strongby 16 August 2015.

Don’t know how and where to start? 
No worries!
Here are some resources to help you get your creative juices flowing to craft the winning story.
View the Online Story Workshop at 

For N.E.mation! 10,  the animation clips produced by the top 10 finalist teams will be judged by a panel comprising industry professionals. In addition, the public can show their support by voting for their three favourite clips come January 2016 via website (, Facebook or SMS. 


One of the finalists of N.E.mation! 8 - Rainbows And Unicorns :) and I still kept in touch.
In fact, we took part in a community facade art workshop together last month and our works are now hung up in at Blk 270 Bukit Panjang to celebrate National Day.

We drew up a white tiger, orchids, cable car and other places of interest found in Singapore!

Trish tracing out some orchids for painting later. 

Ching Gje and Xin Pei working on the white tiger & Heliconias while MinutemanSG drew the Night Safari logo.

Job done, time for selfie & dinner!

(Photo Credit: Daniel Khoo )

Spot our works?
So proud of my girls!

I like how we are so closely-knitted together even after the contest. 
I like how this contest helps foster lasting friendships.

Check out N.E.mation! 10 website for more information about the contest.
Good luck to the contest everyone and look forward to meet friends!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Updates On My Busy Life and My New Sudio Earphones!

I survived the leap second, we all did!
Happy July everyone!

As much as I would really love to pen down my milestones in life, I found myself hardly coping even with that extra second. Everyday is like a fast forward...

No no no no I've no means to rant.
I meant that this is a good sign and that it's a happy problem. :)

Before I head back to my adminstrative work for the upcoming events, let me update about my Missing-In-Action and how much my pair of new earphones has helped me so much through the past few months!

So as you all know 2 years back, I formed a small team of likeminded friends and started roomiesWorld. roomiesWorld aims to help promote and create awareness for more local music talents. In other words, I've set aside everything else so that I can focus on roomies and that includes blogging...

We started off with roomiesTV.

Once a week, different local musicians and the roomiesTeam would come together to do video production.

Recording Studios, Cafes and even business owners came forward to help us by lending their place as our film set, appreciation gifts and even waive off equipment/studio rental fee so that we can successfully do up some decent videos for the musicians. To date, we've done up 12 episodes of the show but this editor who has agreed to help initially decided to fly us kite and left without a word (My hard disk with all the episodes are still with him!). To clarify, all of us are doing this project for FREE. On top of that, I was willing to pay this editor a small token of a 4-digit sum for every 4 episodes made, out of my own pocket as a form of appreciation. Then again… sigh.

To friends who have been burning your weekends to help me in every way you can, thank you so so much - Fif, Wee Gor, Colin, Collin, Jade, Jaime, Gim, Yongwei, Nave and all musicians!

Anyway, all the filmed episodes are still raw. If there is any kind soul who would like to help with the editing, drop me an email at My team and musicians really look forward to releasing these episodes!

Fortunately this little setback didn't defeat us. The team went ahead and launched our roomiesCD compilation album on 29 Jan 2015 titled In Our Voices, featuring 10 bilingual original tracks by 5 different local acts.

Since the launch, roomiesWorld has been actively participating in events one after another.
So pardon me if I haven't been doing regular updates as compared to last time!

Doing events and promoting roomiesCD!

'Events' refers to Rehearsals, Teaching, Doing Shows, Going for radio Features, Events Managing and liaising, Adminstrative work, my emcee-cum-singing assignments… Crazy Schedules!

I'm naming some of the events I'm involved as I'm really so thankful for the opportunities:

Currently hosting for the Facade Painting Workshop held by PAssionarts in Bukit Panjang.

HPB's iQuit Roadshow held back in March 2015:

Regular gig at Rocku Yakiniku.
Photo credit: Miss Diana Wee

A rare opportunity to perform on RWS theatre for My Xinyao Encore Show on 24 May with friends and Xinyao Seniors:

One behind the scene shot with the girls!
By the way, the Turquoise Dress I'm wearing was from Dolce2Dolce.
They have a wide range of prom dresses and gowns to rent/buy online, efficient service!

Assembly talks at different schools with the Xinyao Seniors to share about the evolution of music in Singapore:

A totally random Taipei trip with best friend in April to go on one of their local talk show, 
WTO Sister Show!

WTO Sister Show is a variety talk show on Taiwan's GTV Station featuring foreign talents discussing about controversial topics relating to culture differences, health, beauty, marriage, languages and more. 

Click HERE to watch the full episode of WTO Sisters' Show.

Last but not least, roomies and more roomies shows and features!

Singapore's roomiesTV LIVE @ Changi Simei
held on every last Friday of the month, 7.30PM - 9PM at Changi Simei Community Centre:

roomiesCD Musicians featured on radio stations 883jiaFm, Yes933, Capital958 and more!

Tiring but I'm really enjoying every moment of my life!

My FREE TIME also has a whole new meaning now.
'Free time' means that I have to think about business development and more importantly, to listen and to learn new songs, to get every note right and to know what are the latest hits playing on the radio.

You see, where else would I find the time to grow my song repertoire, to learn and do some self-improvement?

You'll see me walking around almost everywhere with earphones.

I'm either learning a new song, familiarising myself with songs I need to perform, looking out for local talents on social media platforms or on the phone discussing work with clients.

I'm really amazed by how such a subtle accessory can made such a vast difference in my daily life - my new Sudio Earphones from Sweden.

Light weighted, easy to keep in my bag with its leather pouch, tangle-free and the audio is so awesome despite its petite size. 

The audio clarity of the Sudio TVA is so crispy clear that I'm using it for some of my simpler recordings and as in-ear monitors during rehearsals! I even noticed how this baby can layer out the different layers of music and tones. It made my life a lot easier when learning the harmonies and sing-alongs especially for the Xinyao concert.  Most of the Xinyao songs are produced in the 80s and are quite muffled together.

The first surprise I got was when I was learning the song 'Bang Bang' and I could distinctively hear the door slam by Jessie J and the gossips of the dancers in the video background. At first I thought I was hearing things but after listening to MV again, DOPE.

Get your pair of Sudio Headphones TVA or KLANG online and hear it for yourself to believe.
It's only S$55 plus FREE Shipping to Singapore.

Trying out the earphones with Fiance TheMinuteManSG on the SMULE app for awhile and we enjoyed it so much:

I've got yet another surprise when my friend was complaining about his lousy phone which produced very soft music on his headphones and phone speakers even though the volume was maxed out. We tried it on my Sudio and the loudest which he had previously gotten to is now only about three-quarter through mine! Amazing isn't it.

White and gold earphones matches all my clothes no matter what I wear.
They also come in black, brown and orange to fit your style!
I'm glad I can carry Sudio out and that totally saved up my bag space, yay!

Look forward to hear your Sudio experience and photos.
Meanwhile get to know Sudio better:

Visit to order your Sudio Earphones now.
Till my next update, back to work!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Celebrate World Voice Day 2015 With 'The Right Note' Performing Competition by Strepsils

Do you know what special occasion 16 April 2015 falls on? 

16 April is the World Voice Day.
It is a day devoted to celebrate the phenomenon of voice! 
In celebration of World Voice Day 2015, Strepsils launched The Right Note 2015, a nationwide singing competition.

Music goes hand in hand with entertainment, so it was no surprise that the launch event was hosted by local entertainer, Hossan Leong. And not only that, everyone at the Barber Shop by Timbre was graced by the presence of Singapore's very own singer-songwriter, also the campaign and brand ambassador, Olivia Ong! 


Together with Mr Kevin Doak, Sales Director of RB Singapore, they took turns to share their thoughts about the campaign and the importance of maintaining a healthy voice.

Olivia also did a live performance of her single, “You and Me” during the event, and even engaged in open discussion with the audience, offering voice tips as well as her expectations this year. It's so amazing because that same morning I was just listening to that very same song.  Superb LIVE!

Photo credits: Strepsils

They have received over 600 entries and more than 50,000 visits to the microsite last year. This year, the Right Note 2015 is back for a second run, along with a host of new prizes, partners and opportunities awaiting our talented participants.

If you have a great voice that is able to hit The Right Note, submit your entry to The Right Note Competition via the competition’s microsite, The closing date for entry submissions is 16 May 2015.

The finalists of the The Right Note competition will be determined by a combination of votes from both the judges and the public, and the top five finalists will compete for the top spot during the finals.

The winner of The Right Note walk away with a great host of singing opportunities and prizes that includes:

$5,000 Cash
3-Month Residency at Switch by Timbre
Duet with Olivia Ong
K-Box VIP Party Suite Package worth $1,000
and more…

So if you have a passion and talent for singing, go on and chase your dreams with Strepsils The Right Note, and you just might be singing a duet with Olivia Ong! So go on and hit The Right Note with Strepsils!

Good luck!

Friday, March 20, 2015

The 24 Hour Self-Laundry Shop!

I'm sharing how much I love to do the laundry at this 24 hour self-laundry shop!

Having a tiny service yard can become a hassle when it comes to doing laundry for a big family of six - there's always not enough space to hang your clothes for drying.

Especially on rainy days!

How long do these clothes take to dry? 
Let's see...

1 day on a bright sunny day,
2-3 days on cloudy/rainy days?

Then there are socks, stockings, lingerie, hankies, towels and even bedsheets!

So when this 24-hour self service laundry shop sprang into service, I thought I'll give it a try. This has now become a weekly affair with my OneFirst.

I like that the place is clean, smells good and most of all, the owner is very friendly.

This weekly affair is much more fulfilling than you imagine. 
For an hour every week,

1. I get to spend personal bonding time with my other half, alone and only us two.
Most of the time we'll leave all our gadgets at home. Other times we'll bring our animal chess set and play a few rounds. On rare occasions, we'd visit the nearby mcdonald's for some light bites while we chit-chat away!

2. It's a good time to spend personal quiet moments. 
Bring my novel. Read.
Stare blank and watch the machine spin in action.

A lot of times, I get tied down by errands at home, distracted to do more work, distracted by TV shows, distracted to help others... I find myself a good excuse to relax and destress, sometimes I even let myself go deep in thoughts and plan for my future, undisturbed.

I like this feeling very much.
Recharged. :)

3. It cost only $6 to wash a 11kg load and $1 for every 5 min to dry your clothes.
For $12 per week, laundry only takes me 1 hour to be fully dry and clothes are ready to be kept in the closet.

I wonder if this is more affordable than the electricity bills back at home.  

Dirty Bedsheets & soft toys won't take forever to dry anymore nor take up space in the service yard.

Clean, quiet, peaceful. 
Plus points to go at off-peak hours. :)

I don't know if it's me or in general, other people who do their laundry at the shop are generally friendlier, more patient and considerate.

Then, the shop also provides dry cleaning services which comes in really handy after my overseas trips. It is an island-wide dry cleaning service, with additional FREE delivery if you're staying in Tampines or Simei area. 
I have no second thoughts after I'm back from my recent Taiwan trip.
I called the dry cleaning hotline to book an appointment immediately because I had so many winter apparels to clean, most of them from Universal Traveller.

Pretty clothes but it'll definitely take forever to handwash 1 week worth of winter apparels.

Off to my favourite laundry shop with 2 bags full of clothes, all washed and dry in an hour!

Can't wait for my next overseas trip.
No hassle over cleaning winter clothes hurray!


For friends who are on my instagram @MintLeong, you would be wondering why OneFirst and I are using this hashtag once a day.


Ever since we came back Taiwan, I strongly feel that it's time to learn and feel more comfortable posing in front of the camera. My poses are so limited and I always have to try and take so many shots just to get one decent (most decent of them all) shot.

To build up my confidence,  Colin agrees to take up this challenge with me to explore and pose different styles everyday on instagram until the end of the year.

If there's a need to brush up on certain tactics like facial expressions, a certain angle, we can seize this chance to do so through this mini challenge. In fact, I'd like to look good in our wedding photos when it's time!

I hope by then it'll be much better than this by then: 

Told you we're so Camera Awkward.

Barely pass shots:

The #cameraAwkwardNoMore challenge gave me more courage to post up my pictures, no matter how silly I look in them.

Here's what I hope to achieve by the end of this year:
1. That I have more confidence in front of the camera. 
2. That I know how to flatter my body shape in camera shots. 
3. I am more confident to play with more expressions that will truly express how I want that shot to be!
4. that I know by then what my better angles are and how to pose them as I want to.
5. Nice wedding photos for the photoshoot and instagram please!

Practice makes perfect,
don't you think so?

I also jio you to the #CameraAwkwardNoMore Challenge.
You'll be amazed by what you can achieve!

Meanwhile we'll be POOPING more nice shots!